We believe every child is a unique human being born with unlimited potential. Every child is different and brings along with him some extraordinary qualities. Like Pablo Picasso said, every child is an artist, however, the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. That is the thing about growing up. The environment in which the child lives (home and school) starts putting various limiting labels. These false labels in due course become a burden and hinder growth. Comparing and judging from an early childhood and expecting every child to behave in a certain predefined way acts as a further impediment in the natural learning curve.

In a rush to teach them every subject in a structured and linear way, prevalent education system is messing with the law of evolution. Every child, by the virtue of being a living being, is born with the most natural trait of learning - for survival, for curiosity, for pleasure, for protection, for innovation...

At The VITS school, we aim to provide an environment where children majorly learn on their own and grow. We can play the role of facilitators in this learning experience and let children evolve and discover things on their own. We aim at creating an environment where children learn "How to think" rather than " What to think", where they learn to "Be their age" and not "Act their age". We aim at fostering happy human beings imbibed with basic, timeless values that help them face life in all its varies and rich dimensions. We wish to bring about a change from making children literate to facilitating their growth into emotionally strong human beings. That is the transformation we are trying to trigger at The VITS School.