A Day at the VITS school

Mukul boarded the school bus from his home. He smiled when he saw Naira sitting at her usual place. Naira wasn’t coming to school for the past week. She had gone to attend her mama’s wedding. Mukul took his usual seat next to Naira and both filled each other in with details about their last few days.

Nearing the school, they got supremely excited because today their first period would be Environmental Science. Naira hugged and slapped hands with many of her friends(classmates and schoolmates) upon reaching school. The minute she kept her bag in her classroom, she heard the Assembly bell.

She came down to the courtyard and saw Class III students taking the front space as it was their turn to demonstrate the daily exercise routine. After the routine, everybody sat down to sing songs and chit chat about stuff. This part began with Neeti Ma’am’s booming voice echoing in the school building - Gooood Mooorning….!!! And then... Savere savere, yaaron se milne, ban than ki nikle hum.. Ban than ke nikle hum… Ummedon wali dhoop, sunshine wali asha, rone ki wajah kam hai, hasne ke bahane zyada.

Elena Ma’am came in the front and started asking the kids about water, drought, flood and deserts. In a while, kids came to know that the day was marked as World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. Mukul and Naira wondered what life would be in a desert, where every morning one would have to walk miles to fetch few pails of water. They were brought back to the present moment when Neeti Ma’am called Class I kids to present their surprise item for the day. Shortly after that, national anthem was sung and everybody went to their classes.

Mukul and Naira took out their workbooks from their lockers, kept at the back of the room, and took their seats. Dina ma’am entered the class with a beaming smile. The EVS Period went by quickly. They did fun activities today on Shadows. Soon it was time for Snack Break. Dina Ma’am was also the Class Teacher for Mukul and Naira’s class and she was the one who usually had their Snack Break with them in class. Everyday they would discuss something from their daily eventful life with her. Today, Alok was in full spirits as his grandmother had come to visit him from his village and he shared with everybody what all savoury items his grandmother had brought for him. He had brought a box full of them or his friends and teachers.

The bell rang again and Maya Ma’am was at their classroom door to take them for their Activity Class of Gardening. On their way to the School Forest, Maya Ma’am told them that today they would be looking for weeds and undesirable plants that could hamper the growth of their saplings.

Gauri Ma’am had planned a surprise for their Hindi Period today. The class had read about caterpillar and its transformation into a butterfly and its journey from one place to another. Gauri Ma’am had found a short story video on the same theme for them. They excitedly went to the Audio-Video room to watch the video. Later, they discussed how watching the video had made them understand the story even better.

It was time for the all time favorite period of the day - Sports! They all ran and crowded around Jyotsna Ma’am, throwing questions at her one after the other - What will we play? Should we go on the swings? Can we play cricket? Could we please play kabbadi today?

Jyotsna Ma’am reminded them that today it was their turn to decide what they wanted to do for this period. In a week, Jyotsna Ma’am got 4 days to decide with students what they wanted to do and on 2 days, the kids decided themselves what they wanted to do. Today, they decided to play Kabbadi.

Coming back from the ground, they had their lunch break but before going to class and getting their lunch boxes, they ran into Parineeta Ma’am and they told her all about their Kabbadi match. Each of them had their own glorified story to tell and Parineeta Ma’am was equally eager to listen.

Soon the song - Khaane se pehle sada haath dhona kabhi bhi na bhoolenge ho, ho ho started filling the courtyard air, kids spread out the mats on the ground and went to wash their hands. Mukul grabbed the glass near the earthen pot and drank 2 glasses of soothing cool water. Along with Dina Ma’am, Saponi Ma’am and Gauri Ma’am also sat with Naira’s class for having lunch. Small circles for each class with their teachers sat on the ground in the Courtyard to have a meal together. Some of Naira’s friends used to quickly finish their lunch and go on the swings while others would enjoy the chitter chatter with friends for 30 minutes.

Ela Ma’am entered the class and everybody took their seats. She showed them few pictures and in a matter of few minutes the class guessed that they would be working with vowel teams - oe, oa, ou, oi and oy today. The class particularly enjoyed learning about vowel teams as they liked pronouncing different words in an elongated manner.

Just like everyday, the day had swept by and the last period for the day - Maths was here. Dina Ma’am was there with rajma beans in a basket. The kids started jumping because they loved working with rajma beans. They were learning addition by making 10s.

The final bell for the day rang followed by the song - Mohe Mohe Tu Rang De Basanti… Class IV kids along with Aarahna Ma’am were leading the daily Bye-Time routine of dancing. The entire school with teachers and aunties and kids let themselves free and moved together on the pumping beats of the song. The customary cross hand wave was done at the end and everyone shouted Byeeeee!!

Kids rushed to their buses, eager to position themselves near the window to do high-fives with Sagarika Ma’am. That’s how they liked to go home - with blazing smiles and a promise to have another mind blowing day tomorrow!